How to Care for Your Retainer: Tips and Best Practices

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Teeth straightening methods have become widely popular to achieve the dream smile. Different effective treatments help in smile transformation. However, sustaining your newly achieved smile is extremely essential. The post-care treatment for orthodontic teeth straightening includes retainers. In this blog, we will provide a complete understanding of retainers and the best tips and practices to maintain them.

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Understanding Retainers

Retainers are orthodontic devices that help to sustain the newly achieved smile. It is important to incorporate retainers into your routine. After getting your teeth straightened, a relapse is still possible. Retainers play a keen role in helping prevent the relapse of your teeth.

Tips and Best Practices for Retainers

To sustain your smile with retainers it is important to keep them in the best position. The following are some of the best tips and practices to keep your retainers' condition intact.

Store in a Container

One must ensure to store retainers in a container when not in use. It prevents you from losing them and saves the retainers from any damage. For instance, if you drop your retainers in your bag or any pocket, there is a high chance that it can result in scratches. Moreover, there is an increased risk of getting germs and bacteria onto your orthodontic device.

Keep them Clean

It is important to keep your retainers clean just like clear aligners. If you have removable retainers it is advisable to clear them every time you reinsert them.

Use Soft-bristled Brush

To keep your retainers clean, you must clean them thoroughly. However, precautions must be taken to clean retainers with a soft-bristled brush. It will help to avoid scratches or other marks on retainers.

Stay Away from Heat

Always keep your retainers away from heat as excessive heat can damage them. If you want to clean or wash them, use tap water only.

Avoid Chemical

To get your retainers cleaned, don’t use harsh chemicals. In fact, using chemicals for retainer cleaning is never recommended. Simply use a toothbrush to clean your retainers.

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To conclude, retainers are an essential part of your orthodontic treatment. They help in sustaining your teeth in the desired place. To assure that your retainers are effective you must ensure proper maintenance and handling. By following some tips and best practices, you can take care of your retainers for long-term usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who should wear retainers?

Orthodontic patients who have just gotten their teeth straightened should include retainers as their post-treatment care.

2. How to maintain retainers?

By cleaning them every time before wearing them and storing them in a container when not in use, you can maintain your retainers.

3. How to clean retainers?

The simplest way to clean your retainers is through the help of a soft-bristled brush.